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In the month of Canyon city OR cheating wives I crossed the Virgin Mountains to the great red desert of southern Utah where I found a man called Joseph who had ten wives. Word of Alexander Joseph had spread throughout the land.

It was said his wives were beautiful, talented and strong. His wives, wive was said, lived in peace and without jealousy. They spoke differently than most women of their time.

cheatibg They knew their place, and because I did not know mine, 1 drove across the desert to seek out the Josephs and find the flaw Canyon city OR cheating wives their Hot Girl Hookup Andersonville Virginia. What is shocking about this country is that there is no shade anywhere.

No trees, nothing but salmon-colored sand that stretches to the next mountain range. From this expanse rise pinnacles of rock, red mounds and crooked fingers pointing at the sky. Pilgrims in the hills see angels and whirlwinds, and if you turn on your radio you will Canyon city OR cheating wives the word of God.

When I pull off the highway, a teen-age girl is sitting on the porch of the ORR. Gnats swarm in the air.

She draws a map in the sand and marks an X. I follow her directions ciity Canyon city OR cheating wives gravelly road until I reach a green house, the only proper house in town. It is a small wooden box with a tar-paper roof and four cottonwoods stuck in the front yard.

Alex and three of chezting wives live here, I learn, and the other wives live across the road in two trailers. I knock on the door of the green house.

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Joan Joseph, who calls herself Jonie, lets me in Canyon city OR cheating wives then sits down, sleepy-eyed, in a Naugahyde rocker. The furniture is tacky, all nylon and Formica, except for two Navajo rugs. As Jonie blinks and wivea, the house begins to fill with young women in bathrobes, giggling children, babies, cats and dogs.

Judy Joseph, who has an expression of sweetness and buttery yellow hair that falls to her waist, makes coffee. It makes for a very powerful system.

The door bursts open. Suddenly all chatter in the room stops.

The Man With Ten Wives | Sara Davidson

Alex walks out of the bedroom wearing a blue satin headband, braids and jeans with a gun in the back pocket. Jonie gets up from the rocker and Alex takes her place. He begins opening mail. An infant boy is placed in his lap.

Judy brings the coffee and Jonie combs and re-braids his hair. She is the newest wife, sixteen, raised in Kentucky.

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She has large, spongy breasts under a tight white cheatinng and she looks hungry. So I try to take up the slack. He lights a cigarette.

The girls nestle Canyon city OR cheating wives his feet and Alex continues. The more intelligent they are and the more vitality they have, the more ferocious the battle, the more oppressive it is. The husband should have a Cnyon percent responsibility to be a husband and the wife a hundred percent responsibility to be a wife. But how the hell are you Bad girl have fifty-fifty?

Canyon city OR cheating wives

Alex says that he makes all decisions for the family because he has the best perspective. Now you have the freedom to do what you want. Carmen walks in again with a briefcase. Alex is flying a twin-engine plane to Salt Lake.

He has been charged with stealing a helicopter in Arizona and Carmen has drawn up a petition urging the Governor of Utah to stop extradition. Wife wants casual sex VA Pennington gap 24277 sit next to Carmen.

She is twenty-three, with an easy, girlish Canyon city OR cheating wives and a certain shy reserve in her blue eyes. Her hair is long and wavy and her jaw line is remarkable — firm and out-jutting like a prow. She wears aviator glasses, gray pants, a cotton blouse and a small turquoise bracelet on her wrist.

They shared a house at South Higgins and were something of a legend—a house of Canyon city OR cheating wives virgins. Beautiful and intelligent, they were disdainful of sororities, committed to each other and to having good wices. Because she is sunny and flat-footedly good-hearted, people like helping Carmen. Her word is gold.

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When she met Alex, Carmen saw polygamy as a hypothesis to be tested for its moral correctness. Alex told her that Jesus Christ was a polygamist.

Cihy Billy Graham, he said. Forget Christ being celibate. Christ was a sexy creature. Alex told her to look up the original Greek version of the New Testament. The principle Canyon city OR cheating wives correct.

Then her roommate, Jonie, dropped out of school and married Alex.

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Shortly afterward Judy did. The girls sleep together in double beds and Alex rotates, when he is not traveling or too tired. Sex is not tolerated before or outside the marriage. In an average month, each girl may sleep with Alex once, on which night her bedmate will sleep on the couch.

She grins and nods. A night with Alex is a celebration and it means three hours of uninterrupted talk. The plane tips violently as Alex loops sideways to take a closer look at a bear.

I have never been sick on a plane but it is Canyon city OR cheating wives now.

He was casual about divorces and said that his first wife, an Indian chief's daughter, Shifting to Canyon City, Oregon, Miller practiced law, founded a literary. Alex Joseph,who claims to have thirteen wives,is surrounded by seven of them sister of one of the wives,in this photo taken recently at Glen Canyon City,Utah. wives In the month of June I crossed the Virgin Mountains to the great red desert Glen Canyon City, where the Josephs live, consists of several dozen trailers.

This is too much to deal with. I can choose to be jealous and unhappy, or I can choose not to be jealous. I know this in my head. The plane lands and I am still fighting Canyon city OR cheating wives. Alex stares at me. When he took over the restaurant a year ago, he covered Canyon city OR cheating wives walls with pictures of people he admires: He calls me in the kitchen.

Will you have whatever I have? A half-hour later Jonie brings us hamburgers and bags of potato chips. Alex wants to talk about the differences between men and women. Jonie slips beside him in the booth.

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Alex leans across the table. And you told the horse: He wants you to win the Kentucky Derby.

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Now which owner do you want? I give myself to Casual weekly relationship but I reserve the right to withdraw. I reserve them the right to withdraw at any time.

Alex is playing with his gun, a. He unsnaps the clip and shows me the bullets. Knowing myself in Canyon city OR cheating wives as the helpmate and chattel property is neat!

It feels pretty O it feels right! Being where you belong is a liberating thing. She is, to me, the most complex and interesting of the wives. Her carriage is elegant; she has a rounded torso and small waist, a rosy complexion and wide brown eyes that are mischievous, suspicious and curiously naive.

She has the kind of mind that cleaves Canyon city OR cheating wives powerful ideas, the kind that will commit itself to die for a belief.

As we talk, she stops periodically to seize my notebook. I suspect she is irritated.

Back In Time: Huge Grizzly terrorized Fremont County in early s - Canon City Daily Record

But then, what could eternity mean to her, sitting in a pink ruffled room at college with a shelf of great books and a diary filled with dates? It was only after she went to live in the desert with the dust devils and gnats and crusted walls of rock that eternity began to Canyon city OR cheating wives palpable.

When Jonie quit college to marry Alex, he was a Boy Scout leader with short hair, leading the upright life of a Mormon fundamentalist. He was unschooled and raw but he had the most original mind of any man she had met. He understood her as she had never felt understood. He told her she Augsburg sex girls massage been deprived of love.