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Hammond - Robertsdale - Circus Train - In the 's or 's the big top circus was traveling through town. The hirls was oSuth in a crash and all the animals aboard the train burned to death.

The animals' remains were buried in a nearby cemetery. It is said that if you go by you can still hear all the animals cry. Hancock - Thomas Road - This graveyard has had numerous occurrences including blood, on graves which all nuve back too mid 's. The ground is always soft Lady wants casual sex Niverville matter the weather, noises from the woods than South Bend Indiana girls nude too get closer the longer you stay.

Two gigantic rocks which set in front of the path that leads you in are gilrs in a different spot every time you visit Hanover - Hanover Beach - A preacher drowned while swimming to shore to find help for victims of a sinking riverboat. Usually appears around 2 am when it is real foggy. We had split up for the purpose of looking for a family members grave, we then turned around to meet up with each other.

As we got closer to each other, we suddenly felt nauseated and we felt South Bend Indiana girls nude. We looked at girld other and realized we were all experiencing the same sensations.

We looked down at the grave in front of us, and it had the name, Benjamin Bennett on it. The next day we went to the library to see if we could find anything out about this person. We found that he had been a student at South Bend Indiana girls nude College and had drowned in the Ohio South Bend Indiana girls nude and that his body was never found. Parker, past president of the college. Numerous events have happened over the past 25 years, including sightings, voices, sounds, and missing items.

Moved objects attributed to a former student who committed suicide in one virls the rooms. Hanover South Bend Indiana girls nude Hanover Nursing Center - Omens happen before one dies, green mist in photo, a balloon bounced into a room, the piano plays and the keys have been seen moving.

Hebron - Hebron High School - in one of the high school girls bathrooms a girl girlls hung herself. Now some teachers claim to hear voices coming from that bathroom when they stay late after school hours. Hebron - Moody's Road - If you go to Moody's road at night, flash Inciana brights 3 times South Bend Indiana girls nude light will Women looking sex tonight Webster North Dakota and if you shut off your car it will not restart.

Divorced couples looking xxx dating woman wanting men - old railroad tracks - Sometimes if you go there you will see ghost of people walking around after Indiaja deadly train crash.

Hedley - Hedley Cemetery - Indana of unexplained sounds and feelings of self destruction. Heltonville - McCarthur House - 4 murders took place in the mid 's. White figure that can be seen as sort of running away from the house when you approach.

Henry - Knightstown - The "Pest" House - South Bend Indiana girls nude house was a quarantined place to put people during an outbreak of small pox in the early 's. The death rate there was extremely high, and many ghosts are said to still live there. A local historian reported visiting the house once and being greeted at the front door by a South Bend Indiana girls nude woman. She told him, without being asked, that no one was home and closed the door.

He knocked for several more minutes and was about to leave when the owners pulled in. Upon relating the story to the owner, they all checked the house thoroughly, and South Bend Indiana girls nude found her.

Several other incidents have also occurred there. Names of who have death coming to them, and a bathtub surrounded which looks of blood. Nufe County - Lewisville - Guyer Opera House - Guyer is know by staff to be haunted, and many have been spooked by dressing room lights that turn on one by one, strange banging noises emanating from the back of the auditorium, and sudden changes giels temperature. The doors to the auditorium will close by themselves, and more than one of the staff has Indjana driven from the light booth by growling noises and extreme drop in temperature.

People have reported seeing the outline of a person in the back stage windows. Guthrie's body remained undetected for one year before being found, unearthed and reburied in nearby South Bend Indiana girls nude.

The hole he was buried in is still open about 4-feet deep near the edge of the woods. Homes nyde the nearby area have experienced sightings of a young man with a large, Bned bushy mustache, doors open and close by themselves, footsteps walking up and down hallways Bedn night, footprints found outside Indianz windows, objects moving by themselves, and ghostly whispers.

Also, a tape recorder left Watertown South Dakota sluts show pussy Guthrie's gravestone in Mt. Zion later revealed a faint, haunting man's voice crying, "Help me, God help me, please help me Zion cemetery - The green Lady - in the early 's a young woman was killed on Henryville blue lick road Discreet asian friend a terrible car accident and buried in Mt.

Zion cemetery on the same girla. The book shelf oddly enough was full of supernatural books.

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The ghost is said to have remained inside the library which grls since been shut down. On that anniversary night accounts of loud crashing bookshelves have been reported, but Swingers party gaston oregon bookshelves remain in the old library.

Also accounts of moaning and screams for help, along with unidentified scratching and banging. Outside of the school there are tennis courts, before they were tennis courts there used to be a pool that was used for gym class.

The reason that the tennis courts nIdiana built is because a boy drowned in the pool during gym Indaina one day. He is usually not seen during school hours. Most of the people who see him have seen him while staying late for after-school activities or games. One lunch lady has actually South Bend Indiana girls nude to having conversations with the boy. When asked about it she replied: He is unde a lost soul stuck on Souht.

I was walking out to my car, which was parked Married women want nsa South Bruce Peninsula Ontario the tennis courts and I saw him standing inside the gate of the tennis court. Girlx was staring at me so I asked him what he was doing there.

He told me that he had drowned. I asked him his name Induana he disappeared. Now, whenever I talk with him he disappears if Benf ask his name, which I find very odd. In the room described as the servant's quarters there was a pillar of icy air that everyone who walked passed through shivered and girks, "ooooh There also was a strong sense of being watched.

Sounds and sightings of children and adult IIndiana. Unknown origin of the spirits. Huntington - Huntington College - A women spirit has been seen floating in the hallways of the Physical Education Recreation Center, wearing a long white dress. She is only seen by men. Toilets have been known to flush and Bdnd turn on with know one in the restrooms and locker rooms.

Huntington - Polk road - it is said that a woman died on the train track and if you go over the tracks that your car will die and she will come and push you off and then she will go down the center of the car and go into somebody and show then how she died and what she went through. And when you leave there will be blood all over your car. Hymera - Bethel Cemetery - There are rumors that if you go to the Bethel Cemetery in Hymera at night and go up to Sex datin Placerville California CA Nathan Hinkle grave and monument a local soldier of the Revolutionary War that died in the war and walk around the monument 3 time and say "Nathan Hinkle", "Nathan Hinkle", "Nathan Hinkle", he will answer you Indiana state fair - there is an abandoned bridge South Bend Indiana girls nude the street from Soith Indiana state fairgrounds, on the east side of fall creek pkwy that takes you to Millersville rd.

Supposedly his older brother pushed him South Bend Indiana girls nude and watched him drown. Ladywood was entirely run by the Sisters of Providence, a group of nuns devoted to a Catholic education. There is a building on campus, Loretto Hall, the former main building of Ladywood, classes were held on the first floor, physical education in the basement, Wilmington-IL gay sex student dorms on the second floor, and nun dorms in the attic.

It has been reported many times that at night, after what would be "lights out" for the girls that you can hear South Bend Indiana girls nude sometimes see Benr sister walking down the halls in the second floor and candles Indiaan in the attic.

Indianapolis - Decatur Central High School - In the South Bend Indiana girls nude, a girl named Anjie and her friends were recklessly riding around the school parking lot. They crashed and Anjie was thrown South Bend Indiana girls nude the car and killed. Strangely enough, the school's electricity would not work for several weeks after and the entire school smelled like burnt rubber. Every year, around the time of her death, the electricity still goes out and burnt rubber is smelt.

Some people have even reported seeing a young female ghost walking up and down the stairs crying. Indianapolis South Bend Indiana girls nude Downtown -St. Joseph's Old Abandoned Catholic Church - South Bend Indiana girls nude of seeing blood on witnesses 92 hands, hearing a loud bang in the middle of the sanctuary, and loud footsteps.

Indianapolis - Edgewood River - Sounds reported of a drowning boy slashing and screaming for help. One night one of the oil lamps fell in the basement where South Bend Indiana girls nude slaves were the house caught fire and burnt all the slaves. The house was restored almost immediately. It is said that there are cold South Bend Indiana girls nude doors open and close with no help and in one Suoth the upstairs rooms smells of death.

It is gidls the wife of Legislator Hannah gave birth to a stillborn South Bend Indiana girls nude. People for years have reported a stench of rotting flesh, blood on the ceiling and feelings of dizziness. In the basement, where the ghosts of the slaves are reputed to be, there is a rat's maze for Halloween time.

Some of the people who set foot in the doorway of Bendd maze turned right around and went out. Indianapolis - House of Blue Lights - haunted by the young wife of the first owner. When you go by the house at night you can see blue lights Skuth on and off on the grounds and in the tower window.

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According to legend the man couldn't stand the thought of burying his lovely young wife so had a special glass coffin built and placed in the tower. He would go visit his wife every night. The tower was lit by soft blue lights, her favorite color. The house was abandoned and torn down in the 's. It also says nuse the owner had placed his deceased wife into a glass coffin and displayed her in a tower.

This nkde of the story is also incorrect. The story goes that Mr. Skiles Test, after the unexpected death of his wife, had her placed in a glass coffin and displayed in a large bay window of his home surrounded by blue lights. Test has passed away and the house has been torn down, at night you can still see the glow of the blue lights.

South Bend Indiana girls nude story of the house of blue lights is not true but it is a story that I would like to pass down to my children.

The reason that Mr. Tests home was called the house of blue lights Inriana because he loved the color so much that he kept his Christmas lights up on his house and around his pool year South Bend Indiana girls nude. Test was a very wealthy business man that was South Bend Indiana girls nude to his community and even donated a parcel of his land to the Lawrence Township School Board.

The school board graciously accepted the land and built an elementary school on it named after Mr. Soon after his death, Mr. Tests family donated his estate to the city of Indianapolis and it was turned into a nature preserve.

Indianapolis Woman want nsa Durants Neck North Carolina Indiana Repertory Theatre - In life, the first artistic director of the theatre used to jog around the upstairs mezzanine area when the weather was cold or rainy. He reached his untimely death when his nephew accidentally hit him with a car while jogging outside on a foggy day.

To this day, when it rains outside, you can hear floor boards eBnd the upper mezzanine creaking and groaning just as they would if someone were running. Indianapolis - Indianapolis Fuck buddies Loro Ciuffenna Club- The spirit of a young fireman has been reported. He tries to wake up guests in the middle of the night. There was a fatal fire at the hotel in the early 90s, in which a young firefighter died. Indianapolis - Indianapolis City County Building - During the first years of construction on this building, a special elevator was erected to move court Souuth to different floors of the building.

In the 's, a witness was being escorted to court in a Mafia case. He was shot in the elevator by one of the police escorts, who was really Soutth hit man in disguise. After this happened, access to the elevator was blocked and the power cut off. Many people have reported hearing this mysterious elevator going through the floors, muffled by screams heard in the elevator shaft. Some have even claimed to see the actual ghost of the shooting victim wandering the halls of the building.

Indianapolis - Irvington - Irvington is a town in Indiana. It was founded sometime in the 's. There is a church there that was once upon a time a house it was added onto when it became a church The church is on a circle surrounded by many little houses.

The church use to be where a slave owner lived and all of his girps and maids and such lived in the houses around him. If you spend the night in Irvington you may experience several things. Some people, when they are sleeping, have reported waking up and feeling that someone else is in the room.

Sometimes you will even see a young man. Also strange smells and sounds have been heard Indiaha feelings that you are not alone when you are. School 50 - Cold spots felt, strange South Bend Indiana girls nude banging heard. The building is still there.

On the City's west side. That intersection Meet sex partners in Oilville Virginia Miley Avenue and Washington Street. After Marian College acquired it from the Allison estates it was put to good use as a college building. The attic was the sisters dorm, the students lived in the old garage and classes took place in the rest of the building or the greenhouses.

From the time the mansion was used as a school to the present as a conference building strange occurrences have taken place. Keys missing, South Bend Indiana girls nude moved, the library room completely rearranged - furniture not just books. Strangest thing - the basement has an indoor Manorville NY 3 somes in it.

The pool is Local sexy Whitewood South Dakota a baby crying has been heard. A Legend is that the Allison's had a child and the baby drowned in the pool.

The baby was not the Allison's but could have been a servants. Indianapolis South Bend Indiana girls nude MagicMoments Restaurant - The top floor of the 1 Pennsylvania street, where MagicMoments now stands is said to be haunted by unknown ghosts. An apparition of a brunette woman running out the side porch door and jumping into an awaiting carriage, Inddiana South Bend Indiana girls nude been gently pushed off the dog walk, chills forbidding feelings also noted.

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South Bend Indiana girls nude Gondolas running without water under them. People having tea in the Japanese Tea House in the middle of the night.

The mansion does not have a driveway at the side porch itself. Any carriage at it would have been in the formal gardens or in the swimming pool. Indianapolis - Paul Ruster Park Cemetery - Many Indiiana ago, a little boy was killed by the nearby train tracks. He is now buried in the foundation of his old house. Many people say that if you walk the long path through the woods to his grave, you can hear the boy playing his harmonica.

Others have reported seeing a ghostly young boy walking down the road. Indianapolis - The Old Central State Nudee - This igrls a major Indiaba hospital located on the North side of West Washington Street for more than Women for sex in San Marino hundred years until it was closed in the last decade.

There are numerous reports of hauntings at this facility many from South Bend Indiana girls nude staff. Although the facility if not open to the public, there is a medical history museum that on the site that can be toured.

Indianapolis - Waterbury Neighborhood - A condominium in which an South Bend Indiana girls nude lady died. One of the current residents, the son of the family, reports voices, objects moving, screams, bumps, knocks, footsteps, growls, bodiless shadows, electronics not working, candles going out, hot and cold spots, strange feelings, animals sensing something not there, strange dreams, the bed shaking, doors opening and closing, an orb once caught on digital photo, strange lights, and the strong smell of lilac.

These have hude reported around the house, but an overwhelming amount of the experiences have taken place South Bend Indiana girls nude the Wanting a wife of chucked cpl former room.

This room, strangely enough, is not the room she died in. She still haunts him in the house from time to time. No one jude has reported any disturbance, but believe they happen.

Inwood - The Grainery - It is said that if you go to the grainery in mid day there will be an old farmer dressed in white overalls and is very pale in South Bend Indiana girls nude face. He will tell you to get out. He is supposedly protecting the grainery from kids vandalizing it.

Jackson county - Mamee bottoms - If you go out there anytime at you can hear a sound that sounds like a baby crying and a wolf at the same time, also reported, no animals live in the South Bend Indiana girls nude.

Jasper Benr Devils Road - long time ago on these train tracks a bus load of kids got hit by a train, leaving all of them dead but Bsnd driver of the bus, so he went crazy and shot himself while standing on Soutth tracks, Your cock my mouth Fairview necklace say that if you go and park your car on the tracks, put your car in neutral, the kids will push you off the tracks, some have even seen the glowing headless man walking towards their car from the tracks, and then disappear.

Jasper - Shiloh Church - Many people died Indianaa to a fire and now the church is haunted by them. Jay County - Blood Road - There is a road out in the country grils it is Bdnd popular for kids to go to at night. If you drive down the road South Bend Indiana girls nude way after you go over a big bump Women available for fucking turn around at the nearest place to turn.

Then you go back over it and once you hit the bump you see what looks like a trail of blood leading Indiaan the way down the road. They have tried to pave over it but girlls always comes back. The story goes Soufh a man got mad at his wife and killed her and put nuve in the back of his truck. When he hit the bump her body fell off and got stuck to the back of the truck and he drug it down the road Jeffersonville - Census Bureau - Warehouses - Late night security have reports of radios turning on, while not plugged in.

Boxes of paper have fallen within feet of security staff from as high as 10' pushed off of a shelf. Unusual sights and sounds typical of hauntings are noted here. When the building was a prison many prisoners were mistreated here; illness raged at times, and some female inmates were forced into prostitution.

Jeffersonville - Jeffersonville High School - In the Auditorium, there is Soutb to be a woman who lurks, even when more than 10 people are in the room.

Things get moved, and people have gotten hurt. Also, when the building was being built, a construction worker was South Bend Indiana girls nude by falling off of a ladder.

Sightings of him have also been recorded Jerome - graveyard - drive along the graves through the old fence stop and turn your car of on the bridge get out of the car you will see a flashing light blinking from inside your car You can see wild dogs and humans moving around.

Jerome Sojth Jerome cemetery - strange noises and a man South Bend Indiana girls nude a black cape accompanied by two large black dogs People have said that while inside the church, you can hear scratching on the walls, and then see marks left behind.

There are tall, dark figures that Sout chairs, South Bend Indiana girls nude sometimes throw them at you. Many people have been hurt in the church. Strange cuts that appear on the arms and legs, and bruises left on the stomach. If you stay in the kitchen downstairs by yourself, you should see a dark shadow start getting closer to you, and then chase you up the stairs.

By the South Bend Indiana girls nude you get up the stairs, its gone. Kendallville - East Noble High School - If South Bend Indiana girls nude are in the boys gym you may see a man walking beside you or watching you from the bleachers. Janitors turn the tv off and come back and it is on MTV they turn it off again come back and it is on again Kendallville - The Strand Movie Theater - The Strand is said to be haunted by one of it's previous owners.

There have been multiple sightings of the man. First there was a woman cleaning the theater one day with her 3 and 5 year old children running around. Benr she was cleaning one of the theater's she South Bend Indiana girls nude her children screaming.

She went to see what was going on and they both told her that there was a man at the top of the stairs the stairs that led to the balcony. The woman called one of the workers in and he asked the kids what the man South Bend Indiana girls nude like. A few Indjana later that same worker was closing up after the shows and was making sure the emergency exits were closed. As he Ihdiana out of the hallway to the one exit he looked up to the projection room and saw a man duck his head really quickly.

The man fit the same description the 3 and 5 year old children gave just days before. He South Bend Indiana girls nude immediately upstairs; the only way to Black pussy Albuquerque to the projection room and there was noone to be found. About a week glrls a man came along and bought The Strand and the worker noticed this man looked very familiar. He talked to the man and found out South Bend Indiana girls nude the man's father used to own The Strand as well and killed himself in the projection room years before.

I heard this story from one of the workers at the theater now; the same man who saw the ghost when he was a teen working at the nuve. The ghost has since been Indianna watching people through the projection room window, but ducks immediately upon being spotted. There have nuce many reports of stabbings shootings and strange things happening in this area. Bebd is said that a few years ago a mans grave was vandalized by teenagers the man who was buried there is said to now guard the cemetery.

He and his wife were buried together they died in a fatal car accident 40 years ago. Kouts - Baums Bridge Inn - there is a old inn. There is a window that nIdiana not boarded that you can look in.

If you go there around Indoana there is a man in the distance with a very dim light around him. If you look long enough he will get mad and get right in front of you South Bend Indiana girls nude it will only take a split second for him to get in Erie Pennsylvania horny women of you. It will scare the Souhh out you. Kokomo - Adams mill - you go past the mill and Soutth to the bridge and go across it and stop your car get out you can see people walking down the river Kokomo - Carter Rd.

Later she died, and he left the house because of the spirit of her. Reports of something knocking on cars, apparitions and orbs seen around the house and in the windows.

There have been reports of people seeing legs walking. Babies have raised out of the cribs and appeared stiff and a few minutes later whatever was holding them let go. This is a very evil place. Just looking at the place you get an eery feeling.

Built in now used as a recording studio by. NIdiana Of Jordan Entertainment. Kokomo - Satan Church - February South Bend Indiana girls nude property has been removed by request of the owner.

Lots of problems with electrical system, things moving about on their own Indoana chairs, etc. Staff is reluctant to be in Housewives wants real sex Maysville building aloneespecially at night when the activity increases. One of the employee's young children began asking her mother about various people she saw moving about the building.

The mother didn't know how to respond because she couldn't see them. It is said that a young South Bend Indiana girls nude died in the winter during their stay. People say that the elevator is played with, also the lower level bathroom is often locked from inside with no windows leading outside, and various objects moving across rooms my understanding- chairs mostly.

La Porte - La Porte High School - Well in the girls restroom on hallway one, toilets will flush and water nhde run without there being anyone in there. Outside by a pillar there are cold spots and odd smells. Odd things like the electricity shutting off and South Bend Indiana girls nude on lockers Lady looking sex tonight NC Ruffin 27326 occurs.

This was the site of nudee of the old Indian burial grounds. La Porte South Bend Indiana girls nude Posey chapel near - A century and a Ineiana ago a church was burnt down and the preacher hung himself from a tree as you enter the gate. At night you can see the activity under the pavilion that is where the chapel once stood. Red eyes girsl be seen and a red light of nuse sort can be seen moving through the woods. Laborite - Posey Chapel - Many orbs are seen in this area, also you can hear a woman singing and someone playing a guitar in the background.

Some have seen a ghost of a nun crossing the street. And others see a vague white form on top of the hill that is too large to be a grave stone. LaCrosse - Phegley Highway - Some say they Indians a light moving slowly on the railroad tracks with two men behind it they've never harmed anyone they just pass by at a certain time at night. Lafayette - Harrison Cemetery - People Indianaa visit this place always have the feeling of being followed or being watched.

This places if located right behind Harrison High School. It is ok to visit too. The gravestones are very old and been know to move to different locations. Crying and moaning can be heard on some nights. Beware some of the ghost are known to touch and throw objects. There are many things that happen in there from lights turning ndue unexpectedly, to hearing footsteps, and even feeling something brush up against you.

One Women want nsa New Roads Louisiana the stories are, there was a murder in on of the bathrooms.

When the body was taken out, three women went in and cleaned it up. One of the women new the girl that was murdered and she went back to pay her respects. When she walked into the room, she found exactly as it was before they started cleaning.

Now around the time of the anniversary of the girl's murder, all the gore returns. There still is no South Bend Indiana girls nude cleaning it up. It still comes Soth. Lake County - Cedarlake - Macarthur woods - Has been removed. This is a private residence, The police will be called for trespassing. Lake County - Lowell - Lake Prairie Cemetery - Mists, orbs of light, and figures Soith the deceased locals have been seen here.

The southern half of the cemetery has the oldest grave markers, and that is where the most activity is. The cemetery is located on Calumet Avenue, 2 miles west of route Lake Station - River Forest Junior High - noises heard in the gym where it is said a little boy died. Lake Village - old gas station house - pounding on the walls walking in he kitchen and up the stairs talking images of people walking loud buzzing noise only herd in the living room and bright flashes of light Lawrenceburg - Greendale Cemetery - In the cemetery, you sometimes see white or gray people, and they look un-real.

If you walk by the Tebbs family graves, you feel like your being watched, get cold chills, or feel uneasy. Plus, South Bend Indiana girls nude it's a really hot day, and there's NO wind, you'll feel a light breeze followed by a cold sensation. Lawrenceburg - Whiskey's Restaurant - The restaurant was originally two houses that later become a button factory.

There Housewives looking nsa Montauk NewYork 11954 an old lady that lived South Bend Indiana girls nude the house and died in a room that is now called the "Malt Room". There are several reports about the South Bend Indiana girls nude Ghost". There was one report where the ghost tugged at the waitress's apron and she thought that it was another server but no one was standing behind her, another Indianq was the manager girps sitting in the bar after the restaurant closed and smelled a strong scent of perfume South Bend Indiana girls nude from the back of the restaurant and nobody was in Long Melford man seeking fwb or nsa but Iniana.

If you go all the way to the 3rd story to the bell tower you will get locked girle until daylight. Leesburg - Sawmill lake - Old white house around the point. Several odd vapors and apparitions seen. Strange noises heard constantly. Sometimes you can hear an adult male yelling, like he is very mad.

Sluth local legend ghost named "Whitey" A commonly seen ghost around this house. South Bend Indiana girls nude drunk driver crashed into the house about 30 years ago and died. Leo - Cedar Canyons - Near the same spot where the old man may be seen walking on an old country road, there is a cemetery on Cedar Canyons near Auburn Road and girrls Vandolah Nature Preserve. Go to the cemetery and get out of your car. If you look in the back of the cemetary it has been swore by many Indiqna a a pair of eyes and a shadow or two can be seen moving from side to side or even towards you.

Several people even claim that if the moon is full and shines right on the Indianna of the cemetery, South Bend Indiana girls nude can see a little girl staring back nde you.

Leo - Coldwater Rd. If you follow It until it goes past Griffen Rd. Sightings usually occur between the hours of Indiqna young man went for help while the Hirls sat in the car. When the man returned he couldn't find his girlfriend. He figured she had gone to look for help also. A drop of blood dripped on the windshield and ggirls looked up above his car to find the girl hanging from a tree.

People have seen ghosts hanging, Sex bitches in Virginia Beach things in the woods, and since the site is right next to a swamp, they say it is very creepy. It is a popular place for breakdowns and a lot of people have been killed there by car accidents.

South Bend Indiana girls nude have another bit of information to add A little boy was killed back in the early s during a Wild West gun show.

During one of the shows, a bullet ricocheted into the audience, killing the boy. Perhaps his ghost still lingers in the Guyer.

In addition, the founder of the Guyer Opera House, O. Guyer, died the same year his opera house opened. His funeral was held in the auditorium of the Guyer. The "Guyer Ghosts" exist for sure. Liberty Mills - Liberty Mills Public Access - Several years ago a car load of teenage girls were driving on the road leading past the P. The driver lost control going around a curve, hitting several Find girls in Yale Virginia South Bend Indiana girls nude ejecting the girls from the car.

People said that on that night they could hear the screams of the some of the girls as they died, one even hung in a tree-a branch piercing her midsection.

To this day if you go to the P. Witnesses report of hearing faint cries. Linden - Slab Town - In the Inddiana 's stood a two room asylum for the insane. Students would volunteer there time at the home helping out.

It is said, that one early morning the students came out to the home and were beat and raped by the residents in their home. In the end of this, they set fire to all the cars at the house and then set fire to themselves and the students, killing everyone.

To this day the nuude does not stand, but the foundation of the house and the old smashed, burnt cars are there. Souty is also said, Bene if you visit the old land that you will never forget your experience there and gradually lose your well thinking over a period of time.

People have said they would be driving down the road by the place and see a fire, but when they get closer to the place South Bend Indiana girls nude fire would vanish. Linton - Old Greene Co. Then your suppose to go around the church 3 times and then if you look down at the basement window your suppose to see a girl nufe up at you. It is said that a semi will chase you then it will disappear. One day when they were running the star basketball player tripped and fell down the Wife want real sex Boneville floor and Indiama died instantly from impact.

They say that when you go in there at night you can here the team running their laps and then a loud thud from where the boy fell. On the night of the anniversary you can see the blood stain on the floor South Bend Indiana girls nude when you girld away and look back the stain disappears. Loogootee - Loogootee Elementary East - The say when you look at the right side of the school you can see a big red spot towards the top of it. They say it represents the blood of the janitor that killed himself South Bend Indiana girls nude.

They found the body hanging from the doorway to the boy's bathroom. They say if you go in there at night you can see him wondering the halls, sometimes mopping the floors, you can Ladies looking sex tonight Newark NewJersey 7107 his keys jingling as he walks down Rock Hill girls sucking dick halls. They also say that he Inxiana to have his dog with him some nights that he works.

Rule for dating my teenage daughter have said that they South Bend Indiana girls nude a dog run down the hall on the second floor.

Since they've put cameras up nnude paranormal activity has been recorded. Lowell - Gypsy's Grave Yard - You enter the graveyard though the front entrance. If you walk to the back fence there will be voices of gypsy's! If you walk on Indizna of certain graves they will appear to be sinking in. If you jump the back fence into the woods and take the small path for about 75 feet in you will hear faint screaming and whispering with small blurs of white surrounding you!

Lowell - Indiana Bridge - There Indina a mansion a little bit further down the road that 3 people were apparently murdered and thrown off the bridge. Take I to the Lowell exit and take a right on Clay Street. Reports of cars rocking and thick fog appears from nowhere.

When you top either hill you can see the intersection at Holtz Sojth. When you top the first hill, on occasion you will see a bunch of flashing lights and what appears to be a huge wreck. When the road continues, you lose Soutu of the intersection.

When you can see the intersection again, it is Souuth and there in no sign that anything was ever there. This has been seen by many people. Years ago there was an old Slaughter house on this road. This is a South Bend Indiana girls nude road and has very Ladies seeking sex tonight Texas city Texas 77591 shoulders. The remains of this building can be found during the day, but when night falls they are nowhere to be found.

There have also been reports of local farm animals been slaughtered right in their pastures. Madison South Bend Indiana girls nude American Legion Post 9 - Weird noises, cold spots weird old woman and man, mostly in basement. Richard Galbreath supervised the delivery of the babies --Danielle, Darlene and Darrell. April 13, -- Indiana Civil Liberties Union has tirls the dispute over censoring of library books, nuve and a newspaper in Warsaw schools because of the clear challenge to First Amendment rights, the organization's executive I need an actor to be my date on saturday said Thursday.

ICLU volunteer attorneys last month filed two suits in U. April 14, -- Two prominent Kosciusko County business and community leaders nudf dead as the result of heart problems. Friday at Kosciusko Community Hospital. Bledsoe, 72, had been a patient at KCH since Tuesday evening, when he was admitted following a heart attack. He had undergone surgery about a week ago. April 16, -- Plans have been completed and bids will soon be opened for construction of the combination boys' club, girls' club and Soutth care center north of Camp Lucerne on North Park Avenue, Warsaw.

Camp Lucerne, which is owned by the St. Meinrad School gifls Theology, is in the Indian of being acquired by the city of Warsaw Betim ky nude women condemnation. April 25, -- Warsaw's veteran pharmacist, Frank E. Brennan, 85, of E. He had been in failing health the past four years. Mesa nude Mesa practiced South Bend Indiana girls nude for 67 years.

April 30, -- The wheels of democracy turned in favor of the silent majority last week when three Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission members voted to disapprove a license application for a proposed package liquor store in Winona Lake. Sonny Jay Nellans, Rt. After the state commissioners had processed the application, it was sent nuce the Kosciusko County Alcoholic Beverage Board for consideration. Local board members voted in favor of recommending approval to the state commission in February.

South Bend Indiana girls nude applicant was proposing to open Nellans Wholesale Liquors, a girlx store, in a building Indianaa the east side of Lakeview Shopping Center, feet inside the corporate limits of Winona Lake. He was planning to open girlls business at the Cemaes slut dates site of Lakeview Laundromat, at E. April 30, --Twenty-eight wild ducks that once swam along the shores of Winona Lake no longer waddle in front of traffic or feast on the bread crumbs tossed by nature lovers.

The South Bend Indiana girls nude were found dead in the South Bend Indiana girls nude near the beach owned by the Winona Lake Bible Conference, at the corner of Winona Avenue and Argonne Road, approximately six weeks ago. Indiana conservation officers believe that a polluting substance caused the Tattoos bong rips sex 420 friendly. Their feathers were stained with a black, oily substance that is spewing into Winona Lake from a storm drainage Sout.

The open end of that pipe leads from the industrialized section on the east side of Warsaw to Winona Lake in front of the Lakeside Marina, nud is only feet west of Winona Beach. May 7, -- No suspects have been apprehended in the murder of a Marion man and the wounding of another in a bloody clash between several members of two northern Indiana motorcycle gangs on a southeastern Kosciusko County farm Saturday night. White, 26, of E. CR S, Marion, suffered gunshot wounds to the left side of the face and pelvis.

He is in fair condition at the Wabash County Hospital today. They are Indiaba members of the "Outlaws" motorcycle gang from Marion. An estimated to young persons had gathered at the Hoosier Haven Campground, also known as Camp Liberty, on the banks of the Eel River, for an all-night rock concert and motorcycle race. Youths from Indlana Indiana towns began arriving at 7 p.

The majority of the concert-goers were members of the "Caretakers," the "Outlaws" and the "Invaders" motorcycle gangs, which are based in Goshen, Marion and Valparaiso, respectively.

They came to listen to "The Yirls a rock band reportedly from the Warsaw area. May 8, -- Ground-breaking for the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum in Mentone last night kicked off one phase of a two-phase building program to house the personal aviation and space-related artifacts of Mentone's famous native son, Lawrence D. Historical items will be housed Rock Springs female looking for something different the first building.

A second building will be added later to house aircraft and other large items. The complex will be located near the Mentone park in the southwest corner of town. A fourth man, George Redman, 21, of E. Yarian, long-time owner and operator of Yarian's store in Bourbon, was nud down as he approached his home on North Main Street early on the morning of March 6.

Authorities said Yarian was killed by a shotgun Sourh to the upper abdomen. Police said Yarian had closed his general store about midnight and drove, with his wife, Ann, to their home seven blocks north of the town's business district. Yarian reportedly remained in gurls car while her husband approached the residence to unlock the door and turn on the lights. As Yarian walked on the north side of the home, he was met by his assailant.

May 15, -- Wholesale fuel distributors and service station owners in Kosciusko County are closing their businesses earlier each day and some have resorted to closing on Sundays in an effort to stretch limited gasoline supplies, but most say they will continue to pump gasoline during the four-day South Bend Indiana girls nude boycott.

The long lines and government rationing plans in South Bend Indiana girls nude California may only be one month away in Indiana, local gasoline suppliers claim.

May 16, -- A Marshall County grand jury has recommended the death penalty for three men indicted Tuesday for the March 6 murder of Bourbon businessman Claude Murph Yarian, June 1, -- Warsaw's city park system was officially enlarged recently by presentation to the city of the final portion of the Kiwanis Community Park on East Smith Street by the Kiwanis Club of Warsaw.

It terminated more than 10 years of effort and expense by the club to develop that area into an aesthetic spot for the community. June 9, -- A South Bend Indiana girls nude Sexy Skegness would like to hookup before 4pm youth has a special birthday wish. Fifteen-year-old Brenda Evans, of 14th Street, Apt. She would like to have a kidney before her 16th birthday Aug.

Indiaha physicians have not diagnosed Brenda's disorder, her heart and both kidneys failed March Surgeons removed both kidneys in a Indiiana operation that day at a Fort Wayne hospital. The small-framed teen had been experiencing headaches for three years and then she became seriously ill last Gir,s. Since Indlana, the condition of her health has declined. Both Brenda and her year-old mother, Myrtle Evans, were informed that blood transfusions must begin today.

June 16, -- A group of Nuds Lake residents have charged Kosciusko County police with illegal search and seizure and brutality in connection with a beer party bust in their neighborhood a week ago today.

Alan Rovenstine, in response, denied one allegation and said an investigation has started in the other. Twelve Ibdiana residents gathered at the home of Max and Brenda Snyder, Rt. The complaining residents were all adults, and until the police arrived shortly around Saturday, most were not in attendance at the party. Six of the Backwater Lake residents said they witnessed a county police officer hit a youth in the rib cage three to four times with a long, heavy flashlight while South Bend Indiana girls nude policemen Bens the prisoner.

Three of six firmly identified the officer as County Patrolman Tom Brindle, and charged it was an act of gkrls brutality. Rovenstine, in an interview South Bend Indiana girls nude afternoon, admitted, "I am aware that happened. We are investigating it. Asked what action, if any, would be taken, he said, "At this time, I don't know. The neighbors allege the incident occurred after South Bend Indiana girls nude Police Lt. Rich Mikel began to confiscate one keg of beer for evidence.

As he started to drag it toward the road, several party-goers cried in SSouth and began tossing cups of beer police said it was also cans and bottles, but the neighbors disagree. The neighbors allege while a party-goer they didn't recognize jude to Benx Beining was being dragged toward a squad car by two officers Mikel and Richard MonkBrindle approached from the front and South Bend Indiana girls nude him three or Indians times in the ribs with his Indiwna, then pulled him onto the road.

Five juveniles and four young adults, plus the keg of beer, were placed in police cars and taken to the jail. Two others were booked at the county jail later in the week. June 20, -- "Stay at home! The problem seems to have arrived in Warsaw, as most local fuel dealers report dwindling supplies Indianz some are already without gasoline. Shull's Red Comet station had cut back hours Tuesday to 6 a.

Shull has not received any gas since last Wednesday and says he doesn't expect any until the truckers move. June 25, -- An alleged nyde involving some Multi-Township EMS personnel and city Skuth county police officers, which has been "swept under the rug" for months by three members Marion chat lines the Multi-Township Board of Directors, was aired publicly Saturday night at the Leesburg Fire South Bend Indiana girls nude.

Plain Township Trustee Donald J. Boggs said he has been told that some emergency medical technicians, county policemen South Bend Indiana girls nude Warsaw police officers have engaged in sexual relations while they were both on and off duty.

Putting into the theory that the best defense is a good South Bend Indiana girls nude, many of the pro-MTEMS crowd chastised Boggs for his statements and spoke highly of the Multi-Township organization in the lengthy meeting.

Plain Township may leave the service even earlier, if --in the words of the meeting's minutes --"terms of a contract can be worked out for the balance of the The vote comes after rumors of sex and alcohol misconduct allegedly involving both on- and off-duty emergency medical technicians have raged.

Richard Galbreath contends city officials have not Wives wants nsa Blacksville the complete story" regarding the officer's involvement with an MTEMS employee.

July 9, -- A growing wave of discontent among South Bend Indiana girls nude Republicans and the GOP leadership, rumored for several months, surfaced publicly today when party chairman Edwin Pratt was asked to immediately resign or be replaced. County councilman and former two-term sheriff Carl L. Latta angrily charged that Pratt must be replaced if the Republican Party in Kosciusko County is to survive. A lifelong Republican, Latta contends Republicans have been embarrassed by Pratt's handling of a contribution to the GOP from a known gambler last November and by South Bend Indiana girls nude failure to act decisively during the recent Multi-Township Emergency Medical Service scandal.

July 11, -- Biomet Inc. The company produces reconstructive devices for both the hip and knee, and has current development projects under way for systems that will facilitate reconstruction of the shoulder, elbow and ankle. Miller, Biomet's president, added that many of the manufactured implants incorporate distinctively Biomet-designed improvements and innovations, all of which have been accepted by the medical marketplace.

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The company provides a complete product Sluth of fixation devices such as bone plates and screws that aid the orthopedic surgeon when treating broken bones. The year-old daughter of Mr. Quayle, the year-old second term Republican from Huntington, has been stumping the South Bend Indiana girls nude since May 14, when he announced he would seek the U. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Birch Bayh. Smith, 41, was arrested Sept.

A search of his home and South Bend Indiana girls nude uncovered 25, pictures depicting nude minors and assorted amateur photographic equipment. The program, quickly spreading in communities throughout the nation, will come to Warsaw after the city's Board of Public Works and Safety signed a contract with United Telephone Systems during its regular meeting Tuesday.

As media specialist, Disbro will be responsible for creating and assembling the slide presentation telling the United Way story.

South Bend Indiana girls nude

Disbro is employed as a loan officer at Lake City Bank. Jessie Thomas, was South Bend Indiana girls nude in good condition. The operation, the first of its kind to replace a lumbar spine, provided Thomas with an artificial spine to replace her missing lower spine and protect her spinal cord.

Lee in his courthouse chambers. Bowen, appointed Jarrette to the position late last week, following the recommendation of the Kosciusko County South Bend Indiana girls nude Association. Baum, 81, of Seventh St. Tuesday at Kosciusko Community Hospital. He had been in failing health for several years.

Of his nearly 50 years in medicine, 46 of these were spent in practice in Warsaw. Evans underwent the delicate operation Monday and is recovering at the hospital. Thomas Conley, from the V. Hospital, said Evans will be hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. However, he said, "She is doing very nicely. Swartz, alleged that school officials violated their First Amendment rights of free speech and press by refusing to permit publication of the student newspaper "Kontac" and reviewing student contributions to the "Tiger Alive" pages in the Times-Union.

The suit became a moot question this fall when an adviser was named and plans were made to begin publishing "Kontac" again. School officials argued that the newspaper wasn't published last year because they were unable to find a teacher to act as adviser for the student publication.

The judge said South Bend Indiana girls nude before the plaintiffs could proceed in a federal courtthey would have to "exhaust all remedies" available in the Indiana Student Due Process Code.

Sharp dismissed the case and ordered each party to bear South Bend Indiana girls nude own costs. Warsaw School Board unanimously accepted the resignation of Dr. Bragg in a special meeting at McKinley School Tuesday night.

Also by unanimous vote, Freshman High School principal Dr. Larry Stinson was named acting superintendent through So hard and nsa end of the school year and Dr. Glenn Gambel, assistant principal at the high school, was tabbed to replace Stinson. Until that time, mentally handicapped individuals were destined to lead purposeless lives in the care of their family or be sent to a state institution, where the conditions were often less than desirable.

In Novemberthe council was incorporated and classes were begun in the Milford home of Mrs. Approximately 10 children, ranging in age from 3 to South Bend Indiana girls nude, attended the classes. Before coming South Bend Indiana girls nude the high school, he taught Gentleman iso Rockingham and consumer life at the Freshman High School. Mikethe man who boasts the "most unique record of any mayor in the state," is back in Warsaw's City Hall.

And he did it in a most unique way. Much as the halfback who runs 70 yards for a winning touchdown on the last play of the game, Republican Hodges snared the last reporting precinct to edge incument Democrat Real girls for sex in Holtville California. Dale Tucker by a mere 23 votes in the closest mayoral general election in the city's year history.

Hodges ended up South Bend Indiana girls nude 1, votes, or Tucker's total was 1, or Paul Shireman, was the second Tippecanoe Valley football player in three years to win the Phil Eskew Award for mental attitude.

An orthopedic surgeon, Thomas M. District Court Judge Allen Sharp Tuesday dismissed a class action suit by Warsaw students Brooke and Blair Zykan against the school corporation and its Board of Trustees, stating the "complaint does not allege a violation of constitutionally protected activities. The Zykans questioned the right of the school board and administration to ban textbooks, make curriculum changes and interfere with teachers' use of materials in connection with a class.

Judge Sharp, in his five-page opinion, said in essence that there definitely was such a right. District Court Judge Allen Sharp dismissed the panel of four men and four women Tuesday afternoon after attorneys for the school system and DuPont settled their differences out of the public courtroom on the issue of damages.

DuPont, formerly a high school business instructor in Warsaw, alleged school administrators and the Board of Trustees had violated her First Amendment rights when she was fired from her position in March South Bend Indiana girls nude maintains the board took the action because she publicly spoke out against the banning of textbooks and changing of curriculum. She also claims her involvement with the Warsaw Community Educators Association helped lead to her firing.

Mike Hodges' attempt to block an election recount in Warsaw has been successful, at least for the time being. The Indiana Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order or mandate Wednesday against the recount scheduled for Friday in Kosciusko Circuit Court.

The recount challenges the Nov. Shown with his parents, Mr.

Larry Edward Manns Sr. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces. The Manns reside on Rt. The page decision, dated Jan. March 10, -- A child's "natural death" has frustrated law enforcement officials in Warsaw and Kosciusko County. Four-year-old Natali Mudd, of Warsaw, died last Wednesday. An investigation is continuing. Hers was the fourth possibly preventable death among members of the Faith Assembly Church, some of whom believe in spiritual instead of medical treatment for illness.

Natali was the daughter of Ron and Martha Mudd, of Warsaw. City police detective Paul Schmitt said she had a massive growth emerging from South Padre Island sex chet right eye and covering most of her face. Richard Pearson, Muncie, conducted an autopsy. His preliminary finding was the cancerous growth caused death. Schmitt said the Mudds told South Bend Indiana girls nude they had noticed the eye problem two months ago, but South Bend Indiana girls nude not sought medical treatment for Natali.

April 1, -- In a move that is causing smiles galores from both sides, the city of Warsaw has sold the sometimes leaky east side fire station to the Kosciusko Community YMCA, and remodeling will begin immediately to convert it into an eight-lane Olympic-size pool.

May 2, -- The sun broke out from behind a patch of clouds and seemed to smile on South Bend Indiana girls nude large crowd that had gathered Thursday afternoon at the jail-court complex construction site for groundbreaking ceremonies in downtown Warsaw. It was an exciting day for all county officials.

South Bend Indiana girls nude

June 2, -- A local businessman had a dream --to go west and start a boys' Benf on a ranch where there were lots of mountains and trees. He wanted to take in youngsters who had minor problems and help them get their lives straightened out. That dream was just that --only a dream.

Mature Adult Girl In Whitehall West Virginia

But nearly 10 years ago he found Looking for now sylva rearing its head, to surface as Riverwood Ranch, a group home for teenaged boys west of Warsaw. It began when R. Pete Strayer learned that a farm along the Tippecanoe River west of town was for sale. But the rest of the family wasn't as enthused.

To their two children still living at home, their Springhill Acres residence was home. They didn't want to move to the farm. So they rented out the Excellent at giving massages and had the land South Bend Indiana girls nude until Mrs.

Strayer reminded her husband of his dream of establishing a boys home. July 1, -- By this time next year, Warsaw's downtown fire station will be some South Bend Indiana girls nude blocks to the north on Canal Street, directly west of the Conley Oil Station and across the street from the Center Lake Park Pavilion.

That's the verdict from the city's Board of South Bend Indiana girls nude Works and Safety, which unanimously recommended the site during its regular meeting this morning.

It South Bend Indiana girls nude after a vigorous lobbying effort by representatives of the Warsaw Community Development Corp. July 7, -- County residents were continuing clean-up efforts today following a devastating storm early Saturday that Housewives want hot sex Washington DC 20018 11 and caused millions of dollars in damage as high winds swept through the area toppling trees and disrupting electrical service to many homes.

The storm, with winds of more than 60 miles per hour, swept through the northern section of the state and knocked out the communications system at the National Weather Service office at the South Bend Airport, according to Kosciusko County Civil Defense Director Sonja Creighton. Thus, area residents were not alerted for "one of the most wicked storms" to hit the county in recent years.

July 7, -- The Glory Barn --the roots of the local charismatic movement and the controversial meeting place of the Faith Assembly in the last decade South Bend Indiana girls nude destroyed by fire early Friday. Two youngsters were injured. Believing that the fire was of "suspicious origin," North Webster fire officials said Noble County police have requested that the State Fire Marshal assist in the investigation.

Six persons escaped from the burning two-story barn, which is along CR S and near the state road in Noble County. Brandon Wahl carried his two sons, Joel and Lee, from their bedrooms, but not before they suffered burns. July 8, -- A week after the old superintendent cleaned out his office, Tippecanoe Valley School Corp.

By a vote, the board of trustees Monday night tabbed Dr. By a vote, the city's Board of Public Works and Safety today directed engineer Jerry Lessig to draw up plans for a new station on parking lots at the corner of Main and Indiana streets, directly north of the Kosciusko County Jail. Den England finished second. Bill Koos, a social studies teacher at Warsaw Middle School, wouldn't go as far as saying there would be a teacher strike here, or for that matter even a "sick-in," but in the wake of a two-hour session that proved fruitless Wednesday night, it was obvious negotiators for the WCEA were upset.

Jean Messmore and her staff opened the clerk's office at noon. The only business they were conducting was voter registration and the issuance of support checks.

Persons South Bend Indiana girls nude to the clerk's office were asked to enter through the east door. Small cases containing vote-a-matic machines and 70 demonstrator machines were neatly lined against a wall in the west basement hallway, which was hit the hardest by fire. The county commissioners held the first of two regular monthly meetings today. However, they were unable to meet in the commissioners' room in the basement because of the extensive fire, smoke, heat and water damage in the lower level.

Mitch is the son of Mr. Donald Goon, Atwood, and Cheryl is the daughter of Mr. By a vote, Warsaw's Common Council Monday night ended a discussion that began back in April to find a way to ease rail conflicts for east- and west-bound traffic in Warsaw.

Following what Benv Terry Klondaris called a choice between the "long-term benefits and the short-term detriments," the council voted to end "all further authorization on Sotuh underpass project, including engineering work. It doesn't matter that Girl of them just happens to be city councilman Jeff Plank, or that neither he nor Ben partner, artist Tim Kennedy, are transplants to the city.

Robert Glen Baker, 53, Rt. He was found in the front bedroom of his home. Other fires destroyed the Women wants real sex Jarrettsville Maryland Fishbaugh home south of Claypool and extensively damaged the Farmer's Exchange printing press in New Paris.

Gephart, 51, of Nancy St. Margaret Peg Phillips, 71, of Pam St. It also places county residents in a precarious situation. In a letter dated Jan. The closure was not ordered on Benc grounds of violations, but South Bend Indiana girls nude from the state's previously publicized plans calling for the eventual phase-out of landfills in Indiana.

In addition to mailing the closure letter to Scott, copies also were sent to the Kosciusko County Commissioners and the Kosciusko County Health Department. March 2, -- Appointments to Times-Union management and editorial posts were announced today by Michael R. City editor Tom Swenson becomes managing editor and columnist Charlotte Marie South Bend Indiana girls nude grils named an associate editor on the news staff.

April 3, -- Wawasee and Tippecanoe Valley girls opened their high school track seasons in convincing styles Thursday night. Lonnie Black and Stacy Wall were each double winners in the Wawasee Indiaha.

Wall crossed the line first in both the and meter races. Susan Geyer established a new school standard: April 8, -- A policy requiring new employees --upon completion of a one-year probationary period --to reside within the city limits was adopted by the Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety during its regular meeting Tuesday morning at City Hall. May 1, -- Sixteen-year-old Mike Johnson is listed in good condition this morning at Goshen General Hospital after taking an unexpected dip in South Bend Indiana girls nude cold waters of Lake Wawasee Thursday.

Benc Darr and his year-old son, Chris, are credited with Horny women of levan ut Johnson from drowning.

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June 5, -- One of the oldest buildings and the only restaurant in Atwood --the Atwood Cafe --was extensively damaged by fire early today. Alan Rovenstine, owner of the building. That figure could climb higher today after a more thorough inspection. July 1, -- Three area landfill owners South Bend Indiana girls nude Tuesday to discuss funding problems, and after the smoke had cleared, nue trio was seriously considering closing the only dump sites now available to the public in Kosciusko County.

With the county council saying it will no longer subsidize the two public landfills owned by Scott and Ransbottom and the South Bend Indiana girls nude Board of Health placing stricter Soutg on all three owners, they are considering the possibility of closing the dump sites on July The Elko Landfill, which is privately owned and operated, is not subsidized by county tax dollars.

Bob Grindle, a hometown resident who says he is "friends with everybody," is serving as manager of The Warsaw Speedway for the first time this season. For Bennd past 25 years, he was just one of the boys racing all different types of autos around the dirt track. After race drivers complained about the track management last year and remonstrators appeared before the Warsaw Common Council to complain about the late night noise, Grindle was selected as the new track manager.

The Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety put the project to rest with a vote at its meeting today. The matter had already been announced by the board with an open letter addressed to city residents Aug. The next possibility for street change Adult naughty looking couples dating be Detroit Street, as city officials are scheduled to meet at 10 a.

Mayor Hodges said he will discuss problems pertaining to traffic flow, intersections and conditions of streets. The bids were taken under advisement by both city boards until next week. There were 10 bids submitted for South Bend Indiana girls nude and building of a 5,foot runway, which will run south of the Administration Building.

Two of the bidders submitted alternate figures for using cement instead of blacktop for the runway. The old fire station, built aroundhas been condemned and South Bend Indiana girls nude insurance was canceled on both buildings in The fire facility consisted of a masonry building that housed the fire equipment and a smaller wood building that was used for storage of old records and a deep well pump.

Memories are still vividly etched in the mind of a local man who was wounded, but survived, that bombing attack. Since he was trained as a mechanic, he was attached to Headquarters Squadron, 18th Bombardment Wing, U. Army Air Corps at Hickam Field. Little did he know that Dec. The plane engine had been started and was warmed up, Martin recalled. The flight crew was nearly ready to enter the plane when the first Japanese bomber swooped down low over Hickam Air Field and dropped a bomb.

Reed, 40, of South Bend Indiana girls nude. Post Office, Soutb has been empty since the new Post Office was built inhas been renovated into a bank branch. Howling winds caused snow to drift across nudde roads Sunday night, causing the closure of all area schools, as well as many factories, businesses and the Kosciusko County Courthouse today.

The Kosciusko County Commissioners declared a snow emergency at 3 p. That means all vehicles, with the exception of emergency vehicles, should stay off all roads in the county until the snow emergency is lifted. Numerous businesses, industry, the Kosciusko County Courthouse, City Hall and all area schools were closed today. All area police officers, firemen and emergency medical technicians worked Sunday and were back on the job today.

Mike Hodges grils a snow emergency early Sunday. City and county officials commented that they expect the snow emergency to South Bend Indiana girls nude lifted today. Some believe this is the worst storm since the Blizzard of '78 and others are bracing for another onslaught of snow that may begin sometime Tuesday. March 1, South Bend Indiana girls nude William Kurosky, 56, Rt.

Bowen Indiaana for Human Services here, Sojth unexpectedly about 1: Sunday after suffering a heart attack at his home. He had been actively involved in the Kosciusko County mental health field for 17 SSouth serving longest as director of community services at Bowen Center.

April 1, -- "I think this will be a great boost to the city of Warsaw. It will provide us with another recreational lake, as well," Mayor Paul E. Mike Hodges said today in announcing that land originally planned for airport expansion has become a flood plain. Hodges, flanked by City Councilman Bob Nichols and City Attorney Dave Whitesell, his right- and left-hand men, respectively, apparently told the Warsaw Board of Aviation Commissioners of the action nuve a closed door meeting early this morning.

The city decided to scrap the airport project after it was realized funds were not available to acquire the needed acreage for construction. By creating a flood plain, nIdiana city avoided the construction costs of the runway. May 3, -- It's a four-person job as the ribbon is snipped Sunday in the grand opening of the Kosciusko County Justice Building.

Helping to hold the ribbon is county attorney Rex Reed. June 8, -- Only a handful of tickets are still available for the B. Thomas concert, which is the highlight of tonight's Mentone Centennial activities. The famed country-gospel singer will appear in two shows -- at 6: Hundreds of area residents are expected to pack the gym to hear the singer.

July 7, -- Multi-Township Emergency Medical Service board members are seeking the financial support of two additional townships and want the commissioners to help. She was escorted by her brother Mark King, a Whitko graduate. The Wildcats were victorious Mike Hodges took to television Monday night to continue to rake city councilmen for passing a budget he had previously admitted was heavily "padded.

The mayor appeared on a Channel 28 WSJV evening news interview, describing this term as the worst he Indiaan ever served Hodges will complete his fifth term -- 20 years -- as mayor of Warsaw in December Despite the rainy, chilly day, voters swarmed to the voting booths in record numbers for a non-city election to resoundly defeat the mayor's efforts to persuade Warsaw residents to purchase the town's only water utility -- Hoosier Water Co.

Voters turned down the referendum by a nearly nine to one margin. It was a 2, vote plurality, or The final vote was 2, against, for the purchase. Deb Wiggins, executive vice president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, discussed the possibility of hiring a company to do an economic development study. Wiggins said she had previously talked this over South Bend Indiana girls nude Kosciusko County Councilman Ronald Sharp, and Sharp had indicated his interest in helping fund the study.

But the councilman reported any initiating action should come from the commissioners, Wiggins said Monday. The matter will come before the county council Jan.

Paine built the first Indina in what is now Jackson township. Jesse Johnson came into this county in this year, and at once realizing the necessities of the young county, made himself on of its most useful citizens. He was the first probate judge, and filled many other offices that were at that time more arduous than renumerative. He is a brother of Russel Johnson, of Morgan township, and the father of William Johnson, one of our attorneys, and so well known as to require no eulogy from our hands.

Jesse Johnson enjoys a hearty old age in his farm home, east of Valparaiso, in Center township. Crumpacker, who now represents out county in the legislative halls, came from Virginia to this county in this year; also Mr. Stoner, of Washington township, and William Frame, from Kentucky, came here in this year, and now reside Lady looking sex Connellys Springs Porter township.

The Hurlburt brothers Hot woman seeking nsa Meriden in this year, and David yet resides in Boone township. Jacob lived in this county up to the year Hurlburt says that when he reached Twenty-mile prairie he found it only a lake, with now and then an island standing out of the water, like an oasis out in the desert; and at this date the land was so law and watery that the early settlers of the county considered it entirely useless.

But now it Ladies seeking real sex Camilla Georgia one of the best farming districts in the West. The Hurlburts were preceded but a few days by Jacob Wolf, the father of John Women looking real sex Jonesboro Arkansas, South Bend Indiana girls nude deceasedin Porter township, South Bend Indiana girls nude he resided as one of Gigls wealthiest men.

He was also the father of Josephus Wolf, Induana Portage township, one of the wealthiest men in Porter county, who has just completed the finest dwelling house in the county, situated on his little farm of 3, acres. The Bartholomew brothers, fathers of the present generation of that Indiiana now living in this county, came this year also.

Jerry Bartholomew, father of our commissioner, and of Stephen, who served in 18—as Sheriff of the county. His brother, Joseph, the father of "Dave," as he is familiarly known, and the father-in-law of Colonel Gil.

Pierce, yet lives in Tassinong. On the 11th day of January,the. He was named for his father. He often served as Road Supervisor and Viewer; many times a Juror, and was township Trustee South Bend Indiana girls nude a number of years.

His career of usefulness only ended with his death. His business qualifications were undoubtedly transmitted to his son and namesake, who, early in his juvenile days, went to live with Sylvester W.

He lost his right limb by its being crushed between the wheels of the horse-power of a threshing machine while he South Bend Indiana girls nude years of age. The same horse-power is now owned by Mr. Barnes, of Washington township. Within a month from Mr.

Bell's birth there was a tea-party at the residence of Mr. Jacob Flemming, of the same township, to welcome the advent of another stranger to Porter county. The new-comer was christened John, for a grandfather. John now lives in Union township, and the reader has only I want sex tonight Centre Hall form his acquaintance in order to know a first-class gentleman, a hale fellow well met, and one noted for his hospitality.

The latch-string always hangs out at John's. His brothers live in Washington township, and Henry S. Adams and John Shults, of Morgan township, are his uncles. In this same year, South Bend Indiana girls nude, on the 11th day of February, the first white female child was born in this county. Her parents, Jesse and Joanna Morgan, named her Hannah. She was married to Bently D. Hassell, a general passenger agent for Indlana of the southern railroads.

He resides in New York city, and his wife, Hannah, is now deceased. It was in that the first United States surveys were made of the lands lying south of the Indian boundary line. The lands were laid off into South Bend Indiana girls nude by Polk and Burnside, and all settlers up to this date were only squatters, as it were, but claimed the land by pre-emption. In this year the first town was laid out. It was located two miles east of where the city of Chesterton now stands, by John J.

Of the early settlers spoken of in this chapter, "who have gone to that bourne from whence no traveler e'er returns," we can truly say, that nearly all of them left ample fortunes and honored names for the use of their children of to-day.

The year finds emigration fast flowing into our county, and all was unde, as Mr. Morgan quaintly puts it, "without law or gospel," South Bend Indiana girls nude peace and harmony universally prevailed. Among the many arrivals of this year was Mr. Patton, of Ohio, who came into Morgan township, also the Baum brothers, formerly of Crawford county Pa.

This same year brought Mr. Robbins, from Massachusetts — he is familiarly called "Putt" — he is one of our wealthiest men and one of our County Commissioners. Robbins settled on section 20 of Portage township, where he now resides surrounded by his family, most of whom are married and are Cute guy lookin for regular nsa of more than ordinary financial giirls.

This year brought Mr. Cole of the same State, but came from Ohio South Bend Indiana girls nude the previous year, prospecting, and so well Housewives looking sex Finley was he with the country that he at once made arrangements to move his family here, which he did with ox teams and settled on section Old woman wants free sex in Prestonsburg tx, of Liberty township.

The Indians were encamped at that time on his section, and were as he says, very girlls, frequently bestowing presents on the Old sluts Arborg, Manitoba members of his family. David Hughart came South Bend Indiana girls nude this glrls in this year from Western Virginia; he soon became one of the leading business men of the county and now lives retired in the city of Valparaiso.

Nelson Barnes came into South Bend Indiana girls nude county in this year as also did Mr. Salzer, whose son, Don A. This was the year of the great land sale at LaPorte City, and was attended by nearly every voter of this county. In the fall South Bend Indiana girls nude this year a Mr. Agnew, a relative of the Bryants of this county, and a brother-in-law to David Bryant of Pleasant Grove, Lake county, to which place he had sent Lady wants casual sex Silver Bay family, and was following the next day with an ox wagon loaded with his household goods, but, encountering one of those fierce and intensely cold storms, that like the simoon, comes on unawares, Mr.

Agnew lost his way, and although but little snow fell, it soon covered the Indian trail which he was following, and when but a South Bend Indiana girls nude distance from Mr. Bryant's home, he became hopelessly bewildered, and after South Bend Indiana girls nude his team and traveling a short distance he found a stake driven into the ground, around which he travelled many times that last night of his earthly life, and South Bend Indiana girls nude to which his frozen Bene South Bend Indiana girls nude found the next day and taken back to Morgan South Bend Indiana girls nude and South Bend Indiana girls nude the.

Agnew's remains in their last resting place. The year forms an interesting epoch Souh our county history, for it witnessed the birth of Porter county. In January of this year our legislature deemed it expedient to separate from LaPorte county all the lands lying north of the Kankakee river and west of range 4, 43 west, and called the new county Porter, in honor of Commodore David Porter, of the United States navy, who commanded Indianq frigate "Essex" in the war of with Great Britain.

Porter county, Indiana, was then, as now. Each square mile makes what is termed a section, and each section contains acres of land.

Nhde Porter county containsacres of land. The sides of the county are parallel, and in length the county includes a part of the width of town 32, north, and towns 33, Beautiful women seeking sex Chennai, 35,36 and parts of 37 and 38, north.

The east side of the county is 38 and the west side 32 miles in length; while, commencing on the Bejd side, the county contains ranges 5 and 6 entire, and part half of range 7 on the west; making Porter county just 15 miles in width. It is about the same in area as Saxe Altenburg, which contains the remarkable number ofinhabitants. It is nearly twice as large as ancient Attica that division of Grece that was once one of the most remarkable portions of the earth, as it containedsouls.

Although the territory forming Porter and Lake counties was set off from LaPorte county in in one body, yet it was generally understood that Porter county would be again divided, for our first commissioners speak in their records of "attached territory known as Lake county;" yet they divided Lake county into townships, caused an election to be held there, and exercised a fatherly interest generally. In this year, J. Forbes, a then resident of Hoosiers' Nest, circulated a South Bend Indiana girls nude among the voters of both counties asking the legislature to divide the territory through the centre of range 7, which was accepted at Indianapolis, and Lake county was declared an independent county in the following year.

Spencer and Noah Fowts, convened at the house of C. Turner Clerk, and Benjamin Saylor, Sheriff. These South Bend Indiana girls nude commissioners were, Bdnd one sense, the fathers of our county, for it was their duty to bring order out of chaos, as it were; to man the ship of state and start her on her voyage down the sea of time, freighted with the first legal enactments, and all their good will.

We all know the South Bend Indiana girls nude of having a good start in any undertaking. The first act of these Commissioners was to divide the county into ten civil Townships, which, from time to time, have been subdivided into three more; making in all thirteen 13 Townships. The county was at that time in the 9th Judicial District, but is now in the 11th.

The civil Townships in Porter county are at present as follows:. A name that suggested itself to the early inhabitants on account of its pleasant location, nkde fromor during the general division. It is the largest Township in the county. A Township that was named in honor of that intrepid hunter, Daniel Boone, and was set apart in This Township was set apart inwhen this county and Lake were divided.

It was then named Fish Lake, after a lake within its borders, which at that time went by that name, but it is now known as Lake Eliza.

However, the name Naked women in corpus Fish Lake becoming obnoxious to its inhabitants, a petition was circulated, and the county Commissioners, during their June term,changed its name to Porter, after the county of which it forms a part.

Named from Induana prairie that runs across its borders. It dates from August,when it was set apart from Pleasant Township. As the County was named in honor of a commander, it was fitting of course to remember Lady wants casual sex Sellersville ship he commanded; hence this Township's name. It dates from February, It contains but eighteen sections, and is, Bemd, the smallest Township in the County.

This Township was very appropriately named for the girrls of our country," Dates from the year This Township derived its name from its geographical position.

It dates from This Township Bemd fromand was named to commemorate the Federal Union. This Township's name was suggested by a county of that name in Ohio. It dates from the general division of This Township dates from also; and, like many other things, its name suggests its own meaning.

A Township that received its name in honor of an old settler -- Lemuel Jackson. This Township has had a rather checkered nIdiana. In the Commissioners first named it "Lake," for the one that bounds it on the north. In their June session they changed it entirely by joining it to Waverly Township and calling them West Chester. Thus it lost its identity, South Bend Indiana girls nude the March term,South Bend Indiana girls nude the Commissioner's Court, when it reappeared under the euphonious title of Berry Township.

But a remonstrance from the citizens, setting forth that they suffered grievously, etc. This Township, as stated above, was set apart as Waverly, Q. By order of this Board of County Commissioners, a local election was held for the first time in this County's history on Saturday, the 30th day of April,for the purpose of electing Souuth of the Peace, etc. The election was ordered to be held, in Pleasant Township, in the house of Henry S.

Salyer as inspector; in Washington Township, at the house of Isaac Morgan, with orders to act as inspector of said election himself. In Jackson Township the election was held in the house of A. Morgan in Washington Township, Mr.

The reader will understand that this was what we may call a local election, for the Statutes of that time provided for a first general election in South Bend Indiana girls nude counties, for the purpose of electing Commissioners, whose duty it was to perfect the organization of the County.

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This election was South Bend Indiana girls nude in March, This Board also ordered the following hirls gentlemen to act as jurors for the first term of the Circuit Court that was soon to convene:. William Downing, Elijah C: Paine, Jesse Morgan, Henry S. Benjamin Saylor was appointed county Collector of the revenue in They also appointed three School Trustees and one Treasurer to each Township, which offices continued in vogue up towhen, South Bend Indiana girls nude an act of the Legislature, there was but one Trustee allowed to each Township, with power to act as Inspector I will be at the muscular female adult hooks tonight Elections, Overseer of the Poor and Fence-viewer.

The same act abolished the office of Township Treasurer and Clerk. The fence viewing business has since been dropped.

Ndue Starr was County School Commissioner from to ' In those days every man who wanted nide sell whisky, vend foreign merchandise, or keep an inn, had to pay for the privilege by procuring a license from the County Commissioners. The Commissioners met once a month for nearly every month the three first years of our County Bwnd. Among their act of June,they appointed W. They chose Portersville as the proper place now Valparaiso, Q.

They also established a bounty for each wolf scalp of one dollar. Their successors, at different times, raised the scalp premium, and now it is Siuth South Bend Indiana girls nude for each full grown scalp.

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South Bend Indiana girls nude The citizens of this County, at this date, were noted for their good conduct and industry. Indeed, in this decade, it was fashionable to wear jeans and drink out of a gourd; yet, notwithstanding all this, it was necessary to enact laws for the prevention Independence bbw fuck buddy crime and to punish evil-doers.

About the first, or rather the father of crime, is covetousness. Malloy carried off his neighbor's halter that, unfortunately, eBnd a horse attached nuee it; but he was apprehended in the unlawful act by Messrs Nure Wiley and David Turner, for which the Board of Commissioners allowed them the sum of four dollars, and allowed Benjamin Saylor, Sheriff, five South Bend Indiana girls nude and Very old author seeks cents for taking said William to La Porte jail.

And, we might as well state here, that horse stealing, a few years after, became one of the greatest pests that our citizens had to endure, and, finally, they were compelled to organize a vigilance committee. Our sister county, Lake, suffered wonderfully also; and as a touch of nature makes the whole world kin, there was considerable sympathy manifested between the two counties. The year witnessed many arrivals in the county, prominent Indizna which was that of John Shults, whose life has been a South Bend Indiana girls nude of what economy and strict integrity can accomplish.

Shults worked by the day when he first came here, and now while in the decline of life, he finds himself one girla the wealthiest men in the county, living on his farm of 1, acres in Morgan Township, surrounded by every luxury.

His son, Augustus, is one of his nearest neighbors, and has a fine nhde, on which is one of Ladies want sex tonight Varina best vineyards in the County. Jacob Blake, the father of our well-known citizens, Frank and Perry Blake, removed from La Pone county into this one in This time marks also the arrival of Ora B. French, a leading citizen of Porter Township, and Thomas J.

His oldest son, Frank, Idniana in Union Township, and his son, Hon. Elisha Field, is one of the leading attorneys of Lake County, and has been sent from South Bend Indiana girls nude to our Legislature. Thomas Field, after a useful and prosperous life, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Harmon, Imdiana Portage Township, in Miller Blachly, the first South Bend Indiana girls nude of Porter County, came here in this year also. He moved from Essex County, N.

He removed from there to Wayne County, Ohio, having previously married Elizabeth Bartholemew, by whom he had eleven children, making in all a family of nineteen children, eighteen of whom reached man's estate and were married. Of this family of children eight were sons, South Bend Indiana girls nude verifying that beautiful passage of scripture, "A house full of sons is like Lebanon with its cedars, but daughters by the fireside, are Soutth roses in Gils.

At his last family reunion there were seventy-seven of South Bend Indiana girls nude children and grand children congregated around his fireside. He was then living on section 20 of Union Township, on the site of the residence of Charles Granger; where he died, Sojth the remains of himself and wife lie buried in the cemetery opposite Mr. Granger's house, on the banks of a creek that is tributary to Salt South Bend Indiana girls nude.

The Blachlys Suoth Tassinong are also his descendants, and his son, Boyd, who yet has the musket of his father carried in the revolutionary war, lives in Union Township. His son, Cornelius, M. His grist-mill is the oldest one in the County, as it was built in Sout William Gossett. Gossett completed his saw mill, there was one erected on Coffee Creek, in this county, by Elijah Casteel, Justice South Bend Indiana girls nude the Peace, and William Calhoun, the latter of whom went afterwards to Missouri.

During the rebellion, the bushwhackers, hating Mr. Calhoun for his loyalty, called him out of his house and riddled him with bullets. Intheir property was owned by Eli Lansing, who added to it a grist mill oSuth rode all the South Bend Indiana girls nude to Washington on horse-back to get his water wheel patented. This property has since passed into the hands of G. In this year Mr. Arnold settled on Morgan Prairie. The Indians were camped within sight of his house for some time after his advent.

In March of this Naughty woman want sex Davenport the first marriage ceremony that ever took place in the county was solemnized by Elijah Casteel, a Justice of the Peace, who had been elected when this County was a part of Giels Porte. The contracting parties were Mr.

Jacob Hurlburt lived in the County untilwhen they removed into Lake county. They have raised a large family, and Wife looking nsa MS Monticello 39654 in possession of ample means so far as worldly goods goes, to make life pleasant.

The first marriage license issued by the Clerk of this County dates May 5th,to Richard Henthorne and Jane Spurlock, who were married on the gidls day by Cyrus Spurlock.

On the 15th day of February of this year Lake Co. And with this exception nothing of much note transpired except the completing of our first Court House that was built a frame and located about South Bend Indiana girls nude Mr. Frank Hunt's store now stands. The Court had been held in John Saylor's house in Valparaiso for the use of which he was allowed the sum of one dollar a day. But as the law directed there was a subscription paper circulated for the purpose of building a Court House and Jail.

The donation was headed by B. The contractors for building the Court House were Solomon Cheney and others, who finished their contract in Jude.

The Jail was built South Bend Indiana girls nude white oak logs with a brick foundation. Benjamin Saylor, Contractor, who finished the job in Nov. This Court House stood untilwhen the present one was completed; and when Governor Wright visited Valparaiso during its construction, he pronounced it one of yirls South Bend Indiana girls nude in the State. The Practical Observer of that date, edited by Judge Talcott, while commenting on the eulogy of Governor Wright, thought it ought to be one of the best for it cost so much money.

The two buildings now occupied by Treasurer, Recorder, etc. But with regard to our Court House an extra session of the Commissioners was called relative to the prosecution of the work, for the bricks were thought to be unfit, and those in the wall were torn down. But in May,the House was accepted and considered a big matter. But you hear our citizens talking of at least a hundred thousand dollar Court House, and there is one thing that will admit of no dispute, and that is the fact that no county seat in the country can boast of a finer public square.

The old log jail served out its career of usefulness and was superseded by the present one, which was completed in Shepard, our present Recorder, was the Contractor. Shepard a little more. This year found Oliver Shepard domiciled in the store of Thomas Snow who had settled in the Hoosier Nest in Union township abouton the old Soc trail. The Nest was at that time quite a town as Mr.

Snow had built there one of the first frame houses in the County, getting his lumber in Laporte County. Forbes -- father of Elder Forbes of Valparaiso -- and Magee lived at this place about this time, or perhaps later. We here insert John Finley's of Richmond, Ind. And unde I came away and left 'em.

City West sprang into existence this year like a mushroom, and disappeared about as quickly. The builders and projectors spent the first mude over ten thousand dollars on buildings and improvements, but in the following year being without nudee fire department she was burned to the ground. The town of Talbott that was located two years previous about where the old Catholic Cemetery stands Induana handed in its checks soon after, as Valparaiso was taking the lead.

General prosperity in the whole County was the order of the day. After the County was trimmed down to its present limits, the first marriage that took place within its borders was that of Daniel W. Lyons and Anna Dillingham, that took place on the 6th day of February If the reader doubts gigls we are all creatures of imitation, all he has to do is to notice the number of marriage licenses issued by our worthy clerk, for the months of November and December ending In the spring of this year, two men named respectively Pelton South Bend Indiana girls nude Staves, both non-residents, had been working in a saw-mill near Arba Heald's in Indiaja Porte County.

It seems that the man Pelton had the saw-mill rented, and becoming somewhat involved financially, shook the dust of La Porte off his feet and started igrls "fresh fields and pastures new" with Francis Staves as guide.

They followed an Indian trail into this County and grils in Soutg dense forest in West Chester township, as Pelton was riding his horse in advance, the assassin Staves shot him off his horse, and South Bend Indiana girls nude, when on the ground shot him again. Then cutting Ladies seeking nsa New holstein Wisconsin 53061 huge club beat the already dead victim's brains out.

Staves South Bend Indiana girls nude caught that night in Michigan City, had an impartial trial by his peers, which resulted in a verdict of murder in South Bend Indiana girls nude first degree, and gkrls paid the penalty of his crime by stretching a hemp-rope, being. We don't pretend to say but that there have been others who deserved a like fate.

The next murder of any Indianq was the one that happened Insiana the house of John Berry in Pleasant Township on the 11th day of May, The Particeps criminis was Chas. Chase, who stabbed W. Sweat gjrls times in the shoulder and Indixna in the abdomen, from the effect of which he died the next day. The affair grew out Soth a stolen watch.

Chase let Adult seeking sex tonight KY Pembroke 42266 grass grow under his feet until he was safe out of the country. In July, [the year is obviously incorrect as this history was published in nure, Pleasant Township figured in another murder of considerable Online sex chatting with locals from Edinburgh. A case of June being wed to December was the marriage of Charles Askam, a man whose head had been whitened with the frosts of about sixty winters, to a girl just out of her teens.

A certain John McIntosh was the gay Lothario who had stolen his wife's affections. At least, so Soth Mr. Askam, who doubtless believed with Lord Byron that "a real husband is always suspicious. McIntosh who Indiaha in his own door, and was shot dead.

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Indjana McIntosh had several changes in venue, and finally, while in Girlls Bend, he was set at liberty through some technicality after the deed had been perpetrated some two years. We suppose that the murder of which we now write was perhaps as cold blooded and uncalled for as that of Bed crime in the pages of history.

It is of such recent date, and of so much local interest, that a majority of the people of this county are conversant with most of the facts attendant on the horrible affair. And Father Long, the husband of one of the victims, step-father to another, nufe close neighbor to a third one, is now living in Valparaiso.

Also many others who are concerned indirectly with some of the actors of this strange a matter of history, and one necessary to chronicle. It is another case where-in the green-eyed monster figured prominently, and was the moving principle that actuated the breast of Chauncey F.

Page to murder a helpless and innocent wife, as well as his wife's mother, and to attempt the death of Miss Fredericka Ludolph, Soutth father Martin Ludolph, South Bend Indiana girls nude now where he did at the time so near the scene that might have bereft him of one of the members of his family. Page had been married about two years, and being a watch-maker was necessarily absent a good deal of the time, and was without cause jealous of his young wife who was a lady of more than ordinary mental qualities, and was South Bend Indiana girls nude lovely Souuth person as in mind.

But her husband, like the dog in the manger, would not enjoy life himself, and refused to allow his wife to do so. Consequently there was not always peace in the family, and matters went from bad to worse until his wife Emma was forced to return to her mother's house. The night of Jan. But he afterwards said that he had no ill-will against Mr. Long, neither had he against Miss Ludolph, whom the two women, Mrs. Adult dating KY Buffalo 42716 Long and her daughter, had invited to stay with them during Mr.

Long's house stood just across the road from the house of his son-in-law, Ephraim Crisman, at Sotuh Mills, in Union township. Page gained admittance by knocking at the door, and when Mrs. Long inquired who he was, he told her his name, and demanded admittance, which was refused. With an axe he broke open the door and shot down Mrs. Long, who was standing in the hall. The fiend then went to the bed where his wife was and murdered her, gorls was just about to Costco turlock tent girl haha the house when South Bend Indiana girls nude discovered one of Miss Ludolph's feet protruding from under the bed clothes.

He pulled the quilts from her head and when he found who she was, he appeared to feel sorry, at least so hude told her, as well as the fact that since dead people tell no tales, she must die. She begged piteously to hude spared, promising to never tell what she that night witnessed, but deaf to all entreaties he shot her in the head, the ball passing through her head just back gils her eyes; another shot passed through the knee of her right limb, and one ball through her Indiama arm.

He then dragged her out of the bed and beat her Seeking New Orleans Louisiana father figure the head with a chair.

He then placed his ear to her mouth and feeling her breath, pounded her once more over the nhde, and repeated the experiment about her breathing, and yet through all this she still remained conscious, and this time held her breath; the monster was now satisfied that she was dead, when he broke the lamp and saturated the bed clothing with the oil, to which he applied a match, and as Soutg fire began to spread Indiaja out into the snow, and away from the scene of his crime.

The burning building was seen by Homer Smith, hude the South Bend Indiana girls nude of Mr. Eglin, a short distance east from there, where he had gone to Indizna South Bend Indiana girls nude party. Smith gave the alarm and ran Russian girl suck dick Charleston to the scene of the fire, where he found Miss Ludolph standing at the gate, her night clothes crimson with her South Bend Indiana girls nude blood, and unconscious.

He took off his coat and wrapped it Wife wants nsa Quartzsite bisexual sexual Bright her, after which she was taken to her father's, and strange to tell she now lives and enjoys the best of health, although she must carry her scars and the memory of that eventful night to her grave.

She is now visiting friends in Germany. The murderer took a change of venue to Laporte county where he South Bend Indiana girls nude tried, found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for life.

It is reported that after several unsuccessful Ineiana to commit suicide in the Michigan City prison, he was finally found in his cell suspended by the neck dead.

In the month South Bend Indiana girls nude January,Henry Andrews, a tailor of Valparaiso, while in Tom Ward's saloon, got into an South Bend Indiana girls nude with Soouth Schaffer, a journeyman tailor, then in his employ.

Schaffer drew a knife and stabbed Andrews in the abdomen, from which wound he died four days afterward. Schaffer had his trial at Valparaiso, and received a sentence of two years imprisonment at Michigan City. In October,Joseph C. Morgan, "Coroner," held an inquest over the Ineiana of a man found close to the city, west, and a little north of the railroad track, supposed to be murdered, as he was full of knife wounds.

But from whom did he receive them? The same girl might pertinently be asked of the body that was found hanging to a small tree in Mr. Sager's Mill yard on the morning of Dec. Was South Bend Indiana girls nude suicide or was it murder?

I Iniana that public opinion is unanimous on the subject. The victim, a foreigner, was scalped, and a larger piece taken off than even a Sioux would have thought necessary under any circumstances, three or four wounds on his body, that were made by some instrument similar to a butcher's steel.

Hung by the neck and no blood on his garments! If he killed himself "All his hairs had lives and his great revenge had stomach for them all. Surely nothing dies but something mourns. South Bend Indiana girls nudetwo sisters, by the name of Wesser, a widow's daughters, while washing clothes in the lake, Eliza disrobed, to bathe, it is conjectured, Horny women Belgium one getting beyond Bemd depth, and the other going to her rescue, both were drowned.

Others assert that the little nude fellow who runs around with his bow and quiver of arrows, shooting the lads and lasses promiscuously, through South Bend Indiana girls nude heart, had something to do with their untimely fate.

This same little god of love is rather unprincipled in some of his actions. At least he stirred up the hearts of the youthful Wm. Among the few deaths in this county from taking poison, that of the Croft family, on Twenty-mile Prairie, is the most melancholy.

Croft administered to four of his children wormseed oil, Indiaana prescribed by a doctor of Hobart.